Quinta do Mondego | Quinta do Mondego | Get to know our enologist
Joana Cunha is Quinta do Mondego enologist. Get in and get to know Quinta do Mondego enologist and her passion for wines and wine making.
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Conquering the world

The vineyard

In 1994, Fontes da Cunha family buys 1,5 hectares of Quinta do Mondego with a very clear objective, a vacation home and end-of-week where the harvest was only seen as a time of fun between family and friends. With the first restructuring of vineyards in 1996, the scenario changes completely and, a year later, is planted the first vineyard.

In 2003, with the vineyard already organized and planted, the family meets and makes the first vintage of Touriga Nacional that gave rise to the first MUNDA Red. Thus was born the new Dão wine brand that, year after year, has conquered the world.

At this time, with a total of 70 hectares, Quinta do Mondego – located in Nelas – is a Family Owned Estate and one of the most important vineyards of this wine region of Portugal. The vineyards of Quinta do Mondego flourish in an idyllic setting on the banks of the river that names the estate – MONDEGO, which result in elegant and traditional wines that embrace the Terroir.




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Dão Wine Maker


After finishing a degree in Microbiology, which turned out to be a good basis for enology, the giant passion for wine was stronger and Joana Cunha ended up doing a postgraduate degree in enology and viticulture at Oporto Catholic University, in order to deepen her knowledge. From there to work on her own vineyard, it was a small step.
So, in 1994, her family bought “Quinta do Mondego” was the beginning of realization of the dream. What started with a simply passion for wine is nowadays a family business.

Strong, consolidated and led by Joana – a unique woman. Right now she’s in charge for four brands in the Portuguese and International markets, supporting the entire “Dão” region to achieve higher standards, as a producer of more elegant and fresh wines.
In Australia, Joana learned much but was in Portugal, alongside Francisco Olazabal, a great teacher, that Joana took the first steps to becoming the most important producers and enologists of the region.

Clarity, purity and transparency